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The greatest hits from all generations! The hits from the 60's to now. Everything from James Brown to Alicia Keys. Looking for a station that you can enjoy with your children? Well look no further; dedicated to being a family friendly station. We bring your daily dose of feel-good music with the hits from yesterday and today.

Keep your dial tuned to WFOI 100.5 FM.

The PEOPLE'S Station!

Current programming


A Scriptural Discussion with

the Son of Man

Brothers and Sisters, are you tired of reading the Holy Scriptures and not really understanding what you've read and if you're reasonably sure, have you ever
tested that which you feel you know by reasoning with someone who may have a different view than your own?


Then let's talk to one another; let's reason with one another on a "Scriptural Discussion with the Son of Man" a live broadcast every Sunday at 11 AM, and Monday through Friday at 8 PM CST simulcasting live on TV 33 FM 88.1 WHPS, Comcast Cable in Detroit, MI  and video streaming live on YouTube and
So why don't you call in and let's discuss the Holy Bible and if you have one the Holy Quran and come to an agreement about the Holy Scriptures and their true meaning!

You can call in live on the air at 601-909-9135 then enter access code 968280 or 258055.  Press  4* to unmute your phone.



The TJ Show is positive, authentic content for a new generation. A 4-hour omnichannel production, created as a new kind of live radio show, podcast, and digital content hub.

Obsessed with radio since he was a kid, TJ Taormina made his way from interning, to a co-host of Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show in NYC (working on staff for 10+ years.) In 2013, TJ began hosting his own morning show on Boston’s 103.3 Amp Radio and his passion for radio is deeper than ever.




The TJ Show is Monday through Friday from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM



John Tesh 2.png

Already a figure in TV and the music industry, Tesh branched out to another medium, radio. He started “The John Tesh Radio Show” in 2003 and has since become one of the most listened-to voices on the air. The show has recently won Tesh Radio Ink magazine’s Reader’s Poll for “Favorite Syndicated Radio personality” and airs on about 280 stations nationwide.


“This show was created for my wife, (actress Connie Sellecca). She’s one of those people where, you look at her side of the bed and see six issues of Prevention magazine and five months of Oprah magazine . . . she never has time to read any of that stuff. I wanted to serve her and everyone like her.  I wanted to create a radio program with purpose, a show  that moves people forward in their life.”  John Tesh


Listen to "Intelligence For Your Life Radio" with John Tesh  Weekdays at 10 AM CST.


Listen to "Intelligence For  Your  Health" 

with Connie Sellecca Sundays at 8 AM - 11 AM CST. 



stay tuned in for other

local programming!

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